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Everyone loves to pick on bill, his only friends are Gustav and Andreas! Will they both save her or will they argue for so long that Yuuki is drowned? Suzuna has two dares to give to Sena. Gay slash with slightly humourous ending. Sherlock rescues John and finds himself taking care of a toddler. Feathers by dejaceratops reviews "Blaine took in the sight of his twin, so different from himself though their DNA was exactly the same. Needless to say, Sasuke is thrilled.

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Sherlock Returns To b, but everything doesn't go to plan as Sherlock had hoped.

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Put a Bandaid on it by Midesko reviews When young Dave Karofsky notices Kurt putting bandaids on Puck and Finn after they've fallen off their bikes, he decides that might be a good way to get the boys attention as well. Puck's Mechanic by WithDemonWings reviews If there was one thing that Puck couldn't resist it's when Kurt decides to get under the hood of a car, doesn't matter the car, as soon as Kurt has grease smeared across his cheek, Puck can't keep it in his pants. Sherlock tries John's patience. Start About Services Pricing Contact. We'll see about that. How will the single women of the Leaf react to the much more mature and handsome blond?

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  • Chris 26 days ago

    Scene would be a lot hotter if she didn't act so stupid.

  • Maximus 5 days ago

    when does she squirt?

  • Malcolm 23 days ago

    they coutry rules or watever, she should slide to LA xD lmao